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Meet Our Team

Pediatric Dentist Dr. Todd Baggaley

Dr. Todd Baggaley D.M.D.

“Dr. B”

Dr. Baggaley, though reluctant to promote himself, agreed to allow us to write a few things about him in this biography.

One of the things that he is most proud of is the fact that he is the 5th child of a family of TWELVE children (same Mom, same Dad!!!!). He is also very proud to be a parent to four children of his own, and husband to their mother, Lindsay. Dr. Baggaley believes this background gives him a firm foundation of a family lifestyle which benefits him greatly as a healthcare provider for children. He realizes that a child’s teeth are a part of a large picture that encompasses a child’s world and a family’s reality (both of which are patient unique.) Therefore, Dr. Baggaley strives to be a provider of encouragement in speaking to his patients and their parents concerning their dental health, and tries to avoid the far less-effective shaming approach to dental care.

Dr. Baggaley also would like to let parents know that he was a “difficult” child, himself. Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5, Dr. Baggaley struggled with significant behavior issues until he was 12 years old. As such, Dr. Baggaley has a unique understanding of kids who struggle with these problems and a deep respect for their parents. For children who deal with these, or other special circumstances, Dr. Baggaley is able to offer a viewpoint of reassurance and hope. He knows that through determination and hard work great things can be accomplished, not only in dental health, but also in all aspects of life.

Family photo of Pediatric Dentist Dr. Todd Baggaley

Dr. B, his wife Lindsay, and their four children.

Dr. Baggaley is also very proud of his interaction with the special need population. Odds would have it in a family of twelve that at least one child might have special needs. The brother just older than him, Warren, was this blessing to the family. Additionally, Dr. B also had the great privilege, during his high school years, of working in a group home serving 3 adult men with special needs. These three men, and Warren, developed within Dr. B an appreciation for individuals with exceptional challenges. He understands and provides the care they deserve.

Yes, Dr. Baggaley completed dental school as well as a pediatric dental residency, as any true, credentialed pediatric dentist has. However, he believes it is the traits of being a father, a brother, a son, and a friend who has had, and seen, life struggles first-hand that qualify him most for the work of treating children and their families as a dentist.

4th grade picture of Pediatric Dentist Dr. Todd Baggaley
Dr. B's favorite 4th grade picture.
Family group picture of Pediatric Dentist Dr. Todd Baggaley's family
Dr. B's Mom, Dad, and ALL their children (actually, if you're counting, one sibling is not pictured.)